KBO! ‎– Perspektiva 1982. - 1989. 12" (No Plan)

Image of KBO! ‎– Perspektiva 1982. - 1989. 12" (No Plan)


KBO! is a serbian Punk band from Kragujevac formed in january 1982, they are one of the best known Punk, Hardcore from Yugoslavia belonging to the second, or rather third wave of Yugo Punk. In their first seven years of existence they became one of the leading Punk, Hardcore bands in Yugoslavia alongside KUD IDIJOTI and released a handful of demo tapes, only at the very end of the Eighties they had a chance to release their first full length on WIPE OUT RECORDS from Greece. KBO! is playing together for thirty-five years now and if you got interest in the beginnings of the band (perfectly presented on this album) or wanna know how the Yugoslavian Punk scene was looking like in The Early Eighties buy this great LP.