Generacion Suicida - Reflejos 12" (Doomtown)


4th 12" from these South Central LA punks who made a name for themselves in the modern DIY punk scene with their trademark sound and that is fast paced, melodic and catchy punk with jangly guitars and vocals sung in Spanish.

Reflejos 12" contains six brand new songs the band recorded by themselves and while the band is still channeling the sounds of KBD style punk and doing that charming male/female duo vocal thing, they still keep up with reinventing this classic sound and make it seem so fresh, exciting, and most importantly, totally relevant in the modern DIY punk scene.

500 copies on black vinyl!

One sided 12" comes in beautiful silkscreened covers and with A4 inserts!

Artwork by Bodež, silkscreening job by Dirty Old Hands.


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