Apsurd - Derealizacija CS (Doomtown Records) REPRESS!


Apsurd's Derealizacija tape is the band's first offering and we are really excited to put this one out!

Apsurd are based in Belgrade, Serbia and the band members come from Serbia and USA. The band plays straightforward, energetic hardcore punk heavily influenced by the punk and hardcore scene of former Yugoslavia.

Whether we're talking about primal, primitive hardcore of U.B.R., scratchy and noisy guitar work of Solunski Front or the hopeless yelling Tožibabe were known for, this band has it all! Plus, they manage to sound quite fresh, unlike many of today's copycats.

This is Yugo-punk reinvented for the new millenium and we can't get enough!

2nd press is available in purple, red and grey sleeves with folded out j-card insert and black sticker on the tape. Artwork by Saturnov Okot and Bodež. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jasmin.


  • PURPLE - 100% in stock
  • GREY - 100% in stock
  • RED - 100% in stock