Generacion Suicida - Los Primeros Anos CS (Doomtown) LAST COPIES!!!


GENERACION SUICIDA - Los Primeros Anos CS (Doomtown Records)

No need for an introduction, as these South Central LA ghetto punks made a name for themselves in the modern DIY punk scene with their trademark sound: blistering fast, melodic and cathy punk rock sung in Spanish.

This limited tape compiles the songs from their first demo, S/T 7" and the Catholic Spit split 7", which is sold out. Punk tape fanatics around the globe, you need this one!

Pro-dubbed tapes, limited run of 150 copies, available in various colors.


  • Orange - 30% in stock
  • Beige - 70% in stock
  • Red - 60% in stock
  • Grey - 90% in stock