V/A Kaj Je Alternativa 12" (Rest In Punk)

Image of V/A Kaj Je Alternativa 12" (Rest In Punk)


U.B.R., STRES D.A. and ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE : three legendary punk hardcore bands from Slovenia ona single vinyl. The ex-Yugoslavia punk scene was one of the most original and yet obscure of the eighties and these three bands were among the best examples of that iconic sound. Raw, sloppy, dark and bleak sounding punk with an harsh approach and a totally unique taste in haunting melodies and speed-oriented songwriting. This compilation was released on tape in 1983 and on this vinyl version you can find some bonus live tracks that were recorded in Ljubljana, Slovenia 27.8.1983 and an extra U.B.R. one that wasn´t on the original release. A must have for any fan of obscure punk hardcore and for those who want to explore the music of some of the most underrated and original bands of the 80's!

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