The Cowboys - Vol.4 12" (Drunken Sailor)

Image of The Cowboys - Vol.4 12" (Drunken Sailor)


There's a definite pre-punk sensibility here... Martin from Lumpy Records compared them to the Gizmos, but I also hear plenty of other pre-/proto-punk correlations like the Bizarros, the Dead Boys, and even a bit of tough, retro 60s garage a la Billy Childish (something is very Milkshakes-esque about several of the tracks here). The songs are all really different from one another, ranging from an early Dead Kennedys-esque, proto-hardcore kind of shuffle to tough melodic punk to more 60s, and even 50s-inspired sounds that bear a passing resemblance to Buddy Holly. It sounds like it would be all over the place, but it's not... it's all tied together with solid playing and a nice DIY aesthetic. SORRY STATE RECORDS.