Tapehead - The Flexi 7" (Reel Time)

Image of Tapehead - The Flexi 7" (Reel Time)


"They're here and they're telling you: it's alright, it's okay. Rochester anxiety rockers, TAPEHEAD, cut their teeth on some high-tension punk rawk byway of 'The Flexi' Two (and a half) song debut, containing all the hallmarks one might expect from ex-members of BROWN SUGAR, RATIONAL ANIMALS, and LOVE PORK. The guitar genius of an intellectual-type, whose abundance of napkin-poetry litters the floor of an overpopulated psyche, deeming access to the corner bookshelf more a theory than a tangible reality, hunkers down with playful conviction amid a sea of chunk. The drums, bass, and guitar kick the spit around magnificently, together chipping away at some sometimes psychedelic weirdness.

The low end here sounds wonderfully punchy and condensed--in the same way BÖC's first album sounds like a repeated thump to the cranium while cruising through the trenches of the death star, bullseyeing wharf rats and slack-jawed gawkers alike.

The vocalization of this half-cocked theory is handled by the nerve-grating cadence of an ex-eighties horror icon, since demoted to record store obscurity. The lyrics grope their way through a series of themes and convictions--sometimes crystalline, sometimes totally muddled and indistinguishable. Universal in meaning, but so is kissing and rubber-necking.