Sonic Order - Demo CS

Image of Sonic Order - Demo CS


Demo cassette from this UK band featuring former members of Jackals, who had a pair of underrated EPs, one of which appeared on Hardware Records.

Anyway, Sonic Order pick up on a similar style to Jackals... in other words, this is tough, heavy, and angry hardcore though it's lacking the metallic quality that made me drop a bunch of Cleveland comparisons in my description of the second Jackals record.

Heavy and raw vibe here reminds me of Hoax and bands in their wake (like Gag, for instance). In other words, bands that embrace the weird along with the heavy. Six songs with a rough yet powerful recording... if this were released on Youth Attack it would sell out in five minutes, but since it's from a comparatively out of the way locale you can be cooler than all of your friends for liking it.

New 7" out on Doomtown!!!