Satan Panonski - S/T 12" (RIP)

Image of Satan Panonski - S/T 12" (RIP)


Of all the former Eastern Bloc countries, Yugoslavia (and Croatia in particular) had one of the most exciting and innovative punk/underground, rock 'n' roll scenes. And the legend among Yugo/Croat punk legends is Satan Panonski (nee Ivica Culjak). Starting with pioneering, late-'70s, Yugo punk band Pogreb X, through incarceration, a solo career, and an untimely death by a mysterious bullet during the Croatian War of Independence, Satan Panonski literally cut his way into Eastern Euro punk history. His stage act was an extreme blend of punk shock and auto-destructiv performance. His music is a vivid mix of KBD-style punk, Serbo-Croatian folk melodies, and jags into abstract avant punk. Three cassettes were released during his life (and shortly after his death).

Songs on this album are from great live soundboard. Never released on tape or vinyl before!

Limited to 200 copies!