Robotnička - Japan 2016 Tour CS (Cool Marriage)

Image of Robotnička - Japan 2016 Tour CS (Cool Marriage)


This band couldn’t be further away from LIFE STINKS in terms of sound, aesthetics, spirit and even clothes, but they share at least one thing with the SF gang: they are one of a kind. Calling ‘em “synth-punk” would be as short-sighted as calling 'em “chanson française”, but maybe that would give you foreigners an idea!

if you like THE SCREAMERS as much as LIO and THE EX, you might dig ROBOTNICKA? Nah, scratch that… Truth is, ROBOTNICKA is a UFO, some kind of degenerated circus, the soundtrack to a nutty cartoon born in the twisted minds of 4 squatters from the city of Dijon (France). They sound like THE HAPPIEST BAND ON THE PLANET, but also like they collect VHS of Z-movies, and they name their songs "Godzilla Grinder" or "Last Ninja II"...

Hand-stamped tapes, drawings by Mitta/ DirtyIsGod, layout by Bike Sabbath.