Mižerija - S/T 7" (Doomtown)


Mižerija's demo struck us with its rebellious attitude, infectious melancholic vibes and heavy pop sensibilities. On first listen, the band evokes some early BOYE and KAOS demos, but charged with both a strong punk attitude and a breeze of modern dark pop/post punk freshness. If you like the melancholic and catchy sides of UK anarcho punk and ex-YU post-punk/new-wave, we suggest that you do not sleep on Mižerija. There are some noisy moments here that recall the "Yes Sir I Will" Crass era, there's Honey Bane style shouted femme vocal thing going on and there are some danceable aspects in the rhythm we totally adore here. This is anarcho-pop wrapped up in razor wire and updated for the new dark ages that will come!

Oh, and we almost forgot, you also get to hear one extra song from the same session on this vinyl repress!

Limited to 524 copies. 420 Black and 104 on Baby Blue available for mailorder only.

Each copy comes with screenprinted cover with risographed insert and xeroxed lyric sheet with english translation. Front cover: Niđo, Layout: Bodež.


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