Lockjaw - Dead Friends 7" (Antitodo)

Image of Lockjaw - Dead Friends 7" (Antitodo)


Reissue of this mega-rarity from Portland in 1983. The band were contemporaries of other early Portland hardcore bands like Poison Idea and Final Warning and are perhaps most famous for having appeared on the Drinking Is Great comp 7" on Fatal Erection. Musically, this is pure, unfiltered 80s USHC... it's perhaps a little bit more on the punk side of things, reminding me a lot of the very early DC bands like the Untouchables and Teen Idles. The production is perfectly vintage, and this reissue reproduces the great original layout with precision. The import price tag on this is pretty high, but it's still about 1/25 of what you'd pay for an original copy, so if you're an early 80s USHC freak go ahead and pull the trigger.