Impulso - Costante Ossessione 7" (Byllepest)

Image of Impulso - Costante Ossessione 7" (Byllepest)


6 tracks of sincere, furious Italian Hardcore Punk from Trento. After devestating Europe and intriguing the rest of the world by bringing back a revitalisation of what we all love about the bands that elevated from the Virus Squat and northern Italy in general in the early to mid 80's, Impulso is back with a even more concentrated hardcore attack. Dropping mysterious reverb and hall effects for the benefit of presence, crispness and pure attack force.

We are proud to introduce Impulso to Byllepest Distro's catalogue, as it has been one of our favorite european hardcore punk outfits since they came out. The EP "Costante Ossessione" is even more trueful to the genre, while still driving on amazing hooks and catchy songwriting, without ever letting go off their extremely sincere hardcore energy. Contains strong lyrics about personal, psychological and social tendencies that also affects our society and the political situation as a whole without ever leaning on cheap gimmicks. Their sincereness have been proven again and again both through music and the short, but on-point statements from the band between songs at live shows; regarding personal responsibility in the punk scene and mutual respect. A bullshit stripped, pure to the bone hardcore attack and a true treat to everyone who's a fan of anything from UPSET NOISE and CCM to contemporary hardcore!