Crudez - Jungle Jeopardy 12" (Byllepest)

Image of Crudez - Jungle Jeopardy 12" (Byllepest)


he world is falling into chaos, the old systems are dying, nobody believes in anything and the best punk bands are popping out of the most unexpected places. Crudez from Istanbul, Turkey drags political frustration and cries for change from one of the roughest and most interesting political climates to date.

Charged with the inspiration of UK82 bands like Vice Squad and Uproar, but amped up to 210% with a rhytmic section that makes most of the legends seem bleak. CRUDEZ is ready to take the world by storm, because we are all living in fear anyways. Watch out for this one if you are into driven, stomping and melodic UK82-charged soundtracks to the end of our disillusions.