Cheena - S/T 7" (Sacred Bones)

Image of Cheena - S/T 7" (Sacred Bones)


Debut 7" from this new NYC punk band featuring members of Crazy Spirit, Hank Wood And The Hammerheads, Pharmakon, and many others I'm sure. I heard Cheena's demo a while back and it sounded totally awesome.

Citing wildly diverse influences - Gary Glitter, Slade, uppers, (cartoonish) depression, Iggy Pop, '70s iron-on font, Sex Pistols, booze and Hawkwind -Cheena's unifying theme is defiantly one of late '70s/ early '80s New York glam and cow-punk. Eschewing the genre boundaries in which their other projects are so deeply entrenched, the band manages to channel a pre-internet spirit painfully nonexistent in this age of Tumblr fashion and Discogs record collectors.

Walker from Crazy Spirit sings and his voice is definitely distinctive, but he's clearly trying to do something different than Crazy Spirit in Cheena. The music is also awesome, a kind of noisy, modern NYC scene update of the early Stooges sound.

This single, on the other hand, is fairly different even from that. It doesn't have the pounding, bottom-heavy rhythm section of the demo, but instead the main part of the instrumentation that sticks out is some kind of smooth-sounding slide guitar. Somehow it still sounds punk, and it certainly leaves a lot more room for the vocals, which are also much stronger and more interesting on this release. It's definitely not as raw as the demo and I'm sure some people will be disappointed, but it's exciting to see all of the NYC folks stretch out and do something different.