Anti Otpad - Totalno Sam Ljut Na Ovaj Svijet

Image of Anti Otpad - Totalno Sam Ljut Na Ovaj Svijet


Finally, it's out! In 1998 Reactive Form Tapes published Anti Otpad's album "Totalno sam ljut na ovaj svijet" ("I'm Totally Pissed About This World"), and now on the 20th anniversary here's the remastered album on white vinyl. Anti Otpad's album is also the right occasion for Monteparadiso to restart publishing vinyls. The new label is "Monteparadiso Reloaded" and the numeration starts from scratch, so Anti Otpad is MPR001.

The album was remastered by Jule & Hoc, the original members of the band, now in Bolesno Grinje Official, but they didn't exaggerate with basses or with anything that newer technologies offer. It's just right. The album cover is an adaptation of the original tape cover, done by Darko Hočevar - Hoc.

There are 19 songs (more than 40 minutes of music), all the lyrics with English translation and extreme joy in our hearts

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