Abraham Diaz - Tonto

Image of Abraham Diaz - Tonto


"Tonto" is a(nother) stupid compilation of works by Abraham Díaz. A weird mix between "Médiocritée Inneé #1", "Suicida #1" and "Innate Mediocrity #2" and a couple of new prevously unreleased shit. This book was published by Ediciones Valientes in Valencia, Spain for Abraham's "European tour" and the actual edition, even tho contains previously released stuff, shows each cartoon, flyer or comic without further corrections, which allow the reader to see the imperfections of the original artworks. A "must" for the few idiots worldwide who find Abrahams work "appealing", we must say...

The author promises no more reprints or compilations of his old works and compromise to come with new shit sooner than soon. Btw.

Ediciones Valientes*
17 x 24 (6.7 x 9.5 in)
80 full color pages, Offset.
Softcover w/ dust jacket
Engish & Spanish
Duotone 12 pages A6 insert.

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