Vexx - S/T 12" (Upset The Rythm)

Image of Vexx - S/T 12" (Upset The Rythm)


Hailing from Olympia, Washington, VEXX are a true anomaly. These 8 tracks combine unhinged, Penelope Houston-style vocals with the meth-driven guitar solos of the ZERO BOYS and highly syncopated rhythms to devastating impact. Songs like “Falling Down” and “Spirit/Contraint” blaze past with their breakneck tempos, yet contain enough pop sensibility to yield repeated plays.

While VEXX sound more small-town Midwest than gloomy Northwest, they still pay occasional homage to the ominous sounds of the WIPERS on standout track “Ocean Shores” – showing they understand their geographical antecedents better than most. Elsewhere, “Stress” and “Roky, Take me Home” recall the thuggish menace of Hermosa Beach groups, with vocals that alternate between a grumble and a roar.