TBC - Musik I Plast 7” (Re-Ken)

Image of TBC - Musik I Plast 7” (Re-Ken)


It's simply unbelievable how many punk singles came out in Sweden between 1977 and 1982. As to the quantity of punk releases back then this small country ranks behind the USA and the UK on third place. TBC put out their "Musik I Plast" 7" in 1978. A posthumously released "Live" 7" followed in 1981. One look on the frontcover is all you need to realize that the punk fashion had no influence on this bunch of ugly looking rockers with some really horrible haircuts. Also musically it seems like they pimped up their preference for 70s rock and protopunk with the '77 punk boom they were surrounded by. They even use a harmonica and it doesn't suck at all. The double guitar attack with a mix of rythmical riffage and short leads is paired with a sleazy groove and great vocals all sung in Swedish language. All three tracks are killer no filler. Thanks a lot to Re-Ken for making this classic available again!!!