Pankrti/Paraf - split LP (Rest In Punk)

Image of Pankrti/Paraf - split LP (Rest In Punk)


Rare, lost and previously unreleased stuff from both bands,

Pankrti are a Punk rock band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, known for provocative and politically flavored songs. Peter Lovšin and Gregor Tomc formed a band in 1977. Pankrti became popular in former Yugoslavia in early 80s, during Yugoslav new wave music heyday. After five albums released, band ceased to exist at the end of 1987. Including Pankrti first recorded studio demo from 77,unreleased demo from 78 and live cuts from gigs in ljubljana and belgrade in 77.

Paraf are a punk rock/darkwave band from Rijeka, Croatia formed in mid 70's. They are known as one of the first legendary punk bands in former Yugoslavia. Group was disbanded in 1987. Paraf stuff is taken from bands one of the firsts gigs ever, including songs never played nor recorded later.

Rest In Punk records, euro import, limited to 200 copies.